October 2020

  • ITSA Counters Claims that Traceability Systems are Ineffective
  • Tanzania to Launch Phase 3 of Tax Stamp Programme
  • University Reveals Lack of Transparency in Key EU Consultation
  • Guam Tax Agency Opposes Hiring Private Company
  • Europol Helps Close Down One of Holland’s Largest Illegal Cigarette Factories
  • Company News
  • STOP Campaign Focuses on South Africa’s Lack of Action
  • Illicit Trade Thrives During the Pandemic
  • New Tender for Nepal Tax Stamps

September 2020

  • Illicit Tobacco Most Reported Counterfeit Product in UK
  • Liberia Introduces Tax Stamps for First Time
  • Illicit Trade in Southeast Asia – Malaysia’s Upgraded Tax Stamp Programme
  • News In Brief
  • Cannabis News In Brief
  • The Threat from Technology Insurgents
  • Writing an RFP For Tax Stamps and Traceability Systems
  • Cloud-Based Solutions Offer Greater Efficiency and Performance for Tax Administration

August 2020

  • New Marking Systems for Togo and DR Congo
  • TSTN is Going Online
  • New Tax Stamp Report Launching in September
  • Tax Stamps can Boost Government Finances in Post-COVID World, Says ITSA
  • Perum Peruri Responds to TSTN Article re Nepal Tender
  • Update on South Africa: Bans and Booming Illicit Trade, Exploiting Systemic Weaknesses
  • ASPA and GS1 India Sign MoU
  • Perspectives on the WCO 2020 Illicit Trade Report: Tobacco

July 2020

  • Nepal Tax Stamp Provider Fails to Sign Contract
  • Philippines Fuel Marking Programme Hits 10 Billion Litres
  • Illicit Trade in Southeast Asia – Thailand Banking Big on Digital Technologies
  • Recent Developments in Document Biometrics for Tax Stamps
  • When Will the Cannabis Revolution Happen?
  • Blockchain and Excise Supply Chains: Hype, Conjecture and Reality

June 2020

  • Fuel Marking Scheme Boosts Mozambique’s Tax Revenue
  • Beer Stamp Pilot Launched in Russia
  • ITSA Hits Back Over Tax Stamp Criticism
  • SICPA Wins Contract for Alcohol Excise Solution in Oregon
  • OpSec’s Equinox: Technology Review
  • The Illicit Tobacco Trade in Southeast Asia – Vietnam
  • How Coronavirus will Likely Impact the Tax Stamp Industry…Continued
  • Newly Published Exposé: ‘Dirty Tobacco’

May 2020

  • New Alcohol Stamps for Ukraine from 1 May
  • Pakistan Court Cancels Tobacco Track and Trace System
  • SICPA Continues Talks with Turkmenistan
  • Tobacco Control Scale 2019 – Clarifying Details of Authors
  • Genuine or Fake? Roles and Responsibilities
  • Is It Justified to Increase Excise Taxes to Battle COVID-19?
  • South Africa: Illicit Trade is Booming
  • Watchdog Group Shines Light on Tobacco Industry Influence over Track and Trace
  • Data on Illicit Trends – A New Paradigm Needed

April 2020

  • How Coronavirus will Likely Impact the Tax Stamp Industry
  • EU Court of Justice Rejects ITSA’s Legal Appeal
  • Authentication Label or Tax Stamp?
  • The Illicit Tobacco Trade in Southeast Asia – Laos
  • ‘Never Seen Before’ Digital Security Features from HP Indigo and JURA
  • Tobacco Control Scale 2019
  • News In Brief

March 2020

  • Ukraine to Roll-Out New Alcohol Tax Stamp
  • Mandatory Stamps in UAE for E-Cigarettes
  • Can South Africa Afford to Be Losing $14 Million a Day to Illicit Trade?
  • The Future of Tax Stamps as Tools for ALL Government Agencies
  • The Illicit Tobacco Trade in Southeast Asia – Myanmar
  • ITSA Launches Tobacco Control System Blueprint
  • Perspectives on the Latest WCO Illicit Trade Report: Tobacco

February 2020

  • Blockchain Continues to Advance
  • Royal Joh Enschedé Wins Dutch Tax Stamp Tender
  • Beemit Develops Late-Stage Digital Print Technology that Can Even Print Through Cellophane
  • On the Record with De La Rue
  • News In Brief
  • South Africa: Some New Developments You Might Not Have Seen Coming

January 2020

  • Maine Negotiates with New Vendor for Marijuana Track and Trace
  • Tech Revolution Can Fast-Track Tax Stamp Growth in 2020
  • Are Tax Stamps Still Part of Russia’s Plans for National Track and Trace?
  • Security Document Summit Shows Considerable Growth
  • The Illicit Tobacco Trade in Southeast Asia
  • How Ramón Chozas Increased Tax Stamp Productivity by 15%
  • Perspectives on the WCO 2019 Illicit Trade Report – Alcohol Products

December 2019

  • Tanzania Records 34% Increased Revenue on Liquor
  • FDA Advances Plans for Food Traceability
  • STOP Issues Policy Brief on Protecting Track and Trace Systems from Tobacco Industry
  • FCA Issues Guidebook on Implementing Article 8 on Track and Trace
  • The Cost of Security
  • Headlines of 2019
  • Smuggling Rates Rise After Tax Increases

November 2019

  • SICPA Signs Cooperation Agreement with Kazakh Telecoms Company
  • Pakistan Tender Award Faces Multiple Legal Challenges in High Court
  • Save the Date for the 2020 Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum
  • Track and Trace Working Group for FCTC Protocol Launches in Panama
  • India Needs Comprehensive National Policy to Tackle Alcohol, Declares ASPA
  • New Tobacco Track and Trace System Bestows ‘Digital Enforcement Powers’ on Chile Revenue Authority
  • SICPA Launches its ‘Brightest Star’ for Secure Labels

October 2019

  • Uganda Launches Tax Stamps on Six Different Products… All In One Go!
  • Controversy Reigns Over Pakistan Tender Award
  • Tobacco Industry Interference Index – What It Means for Secure Track and Trace
  • Graphi Mecc’s Serialisation Equipment Offerings
  • INCM - Art to Machine Readable Coding
  • How Countries Around the World Charge Excise Taxes

September 2019

  • Tax Stamp Forum Goes Back to Where it All Began
  • UK to Suspend Tobacco Track & Trace if No-Deal Brexit
  • The 9th Tax Stamp Forum in Quotes and Photos
  • The SARS Tender: Can an Agency in Turmoil be Both Agile and Prudent?
  • Human and/or Digital Interrogation of Tax Stamps
  • ITSA Appoints Three New Board Members
  • Cannabis News In Brief

August 2019

  • Philippines to Introduce Alcohol Stamps and Enhance Tobacco Stamps
  • ITSA Urges Costa Rica to Adopt Secure Track and Trace
  • Tax Stamps and Secure Marks: Four Avenues to a Strategic Advantage
  • Cannabis and Smoke-Free Alternatives Take Centre Stage at FTA Meeting
  • Latest Developments in India
  • From the Archives
  • Counterfeit or Forgery?

July 2019

  • Tanzania to Roll Out Second Phase of Tax Stamp Programme
  • ITSA Challenges EU Court Ruling on Tobacco Laws
  • Happy Birthday Tax Stamp News!
  • EU Tobacco Traceability Should Not be Considered Blueprint, Warns FCA
  • The New Luminescence
  • Coming in 2020… New Tax Stamps & Traceability Report
  • Kenya Sets Stage for New Water Tax
  • Security Print Software and Digital Print Open Doors in Tax Stamp Production
  • Arjo Solutions Expands into Latin America
  • The Rise of Public-Private Alliances in Latin America
  • UAE to Impose Tax Stamps on E-Cigarettes


  • Mexico Extends its Tobacco Security Code to Alcohol
  • Ireland to Introduce New Tax Stamps on Tobacco Products
  • Perspective on the New South African Track and Trace Tender
  • Competing Bid Stalls Nepal’s Security Printing Press Deal with France
  • EU Criminal Network Linked to Illicit Tobacco… Busted
  • Dominican Republic Set to Launch New Tax Stamp and Traceability System for Cigarettes and Alcohol
  • Bruce DeBoer Returns to US Cigarette Stamping Machine Industry
  • Unique Codes – Beyond Authentication
  • Food Traceability News
  • Ashton Potter Enhances ProLinc Solution
  • Programme Announced for Tax Stamp Forum
  • Where Do Strange Words Like ‘Contraband’ and ‘Banderol’ Come From?

April 2019

  • Concerns Raised Over EU Traceability System Missing Deadline
  • SICPA Awarded New Massachusetts Tax Stamp and Traceability Contract
  • Legal and Illegal Tobacco Trade Often Intertwined, Claims Research
  • WHO Addresses Lack of Global Guidance on Healthcare Track and Trace
  • Authentix Plans for its SPS Acquisition
  • BIR Probes Recycled Tax Stamps in Philippines
  • How Georgia Reduced Illicit Tobacco from 50% to 3%... While Still Increasing Taxes
  • March 2019

    • De La Rue Wins New Contracts in Middle East and Europe
    • Spectra Systems Receives First Order for Smartphone-Authenticated Taggant Signature
    • What Exactly is a Blockchain-Based Excise Stamp Replacement System?
    • News in Brief
    • The State of Illicit Cigarettes in Sri Lanka
    • India’s Recent Hooch Tragedy Confirms TSTN’s Concerns
    • Seeing is Not Believing
    • Conference Feedback – Emerging Smartphone Technologies
    • News from East Africa: Kenya Wins Praise, Tanzania Rolls Out New Programme… and Uganda is Next

    February 2019

    • World Bank Recommends Tax Stamps and Track and Trace
    • Three Months to go… and where are we on TPD Track and Trace Implementation?
    • FDA Looks to Pilot Projects to Enhance Pharma Track and Trace
    • PragmatIC Announces First Products in ConnectIC Family of Flexible Circuits
    • The Latest from Ghana – Textiles and Fertiliser
    • Ashton Potter Releases ProLinc Traceability Solution
    • Conference Feedback – Emerging Print Technologies