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March 2024

Plastic Tax Stamps on Liquor No Good for Environment

Crane NXT to Acquire OpSec Security

Pakistan’s Tax Authority – A White Elephant

Why Do Some Tax Stamp Programmes Fail?

A Comparison of Fuel Traceability Options

Illicit Tobacco in South-East Asia ‘Not Alarmingly High’, WHO Says

Interview with an ITSA Member – JURA

State of Illicit Tobacco in South Africa – Still Disastrous

Innovations in Tamper Proofing

February 2024

Spring Cleaning at Chile Tax Authority – Renovated Programme in the Works

Legalising Recreational Cannabis – The Canadian Experience

ITSA Recommends Steps to Strengthen EU Digital Product Passport

Key Decisions Made – And Not Made – at MOP3

Interview with an ITSA Member – OpSec Security

ODDS Continues Big Debate – The Transition from Physical to Digital


Free Issue

January 2024

  • Interviews with ITSA Members 2023 – Common Threads and Differences
  • Protection from the Storm – Implementing Lebanon’s Authentication and Traceability Solution
  • Pakistan Contemplates Track and Trace on Beverages
  • Authentication and Inspection Practices: What Really Happens in the Field?
  • New Study Compares Four Major Illicit Trade Hubs

December 2023

  • KURZ’s Tax Stamp Paper Saves Time and the Environment
  • Malawi Extends Tax Stamps Beyond Cigarettes
  • 2023 – A Year in Review
  • 2023 – A Year in Headlines
  • Interview with an ITSA Member – Uflex
  • Elections and Civil Unrest in Latin America… and How They Affect Tax Stamps
  • The Exploding Growth of Free Trade Zones: Challenges and Opportunities – Part 3
  • Upcoming Events

November 2023

  • COP10 and MOP3 Postponed to 2024
  • ITSA Welcomes New Members and Board
  • Illicit Tobacco ‘Down Under’ Gets Worse – An Update
  • A Trade Environment Transformation Led by Georgia Revenue Service
  • Demax Pushes e-Beam to the Maximum
  • WHO Raises Concern Over Decreasing Tobacco Tax Shares in Americas
  • Fuel and Cannabis in the News
  • Singapore to Boost FTZ Regulations to Combat Illicit Flows
  • Upcoming Events

October 2023

  • A Review of TSTF 2023 – More Greenfields, Please!
  • Tax Stamp Standard Review Is Underway
  • Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum 2023 – In Pictures
  • Interview with LEONHARD KURZ
  • Oumolat and SICPA Enter Strategic Partnership, Creating ‘O&S Security Solutions’ JV
  • California to Abolish Single-Use Plastic Tags
  • Upcoming Events

September 2023

  • Uganda Sees Strong Rise in Manufacturers and Importers Embracing Digital Tax Stamps
  • Smartphone Report Released
  • Distinkt – A New Name in Nanotech Authentication
  • Tax Stamps and Track and Trace – Making Everything More Visible
  • Economists in Chile Report Higher Cigarette Revenues and Lower Returning Exports
  • Interview with APO Production Unit
  • How Standards Help You
  • Upcoming Events

August 2023

  • What’s the Status of Tobacco Track & Trace Under FCTC Protocol?
  • WCO Reports Current State of Illicit Tobacco and Alcohol Seizures
  • Smoking Out Illicit Tobacco in the UK: A Case of Good Enforcement Practice
  • Opportunities in Smart Packaging
  • The Exploding Growth of Free Trade Zones: Challenges and Opportunities – Part 2
  • Interview with an ITSA Member – Baldwin Technology
  • Thoughts Towards ISO 22382 Revision
  • Upcoming Events

July 2023

  • Indian Banknote Printer Eyes Global Tax Stamp Market
  • Illicit Cigarette Report Spells Bad News for France
  • Nanobrick Carving a Market with its Active Nano Platform
  • De La Rue Authentication on Track to Exceed £100 Million in Revenue
  • South Africa’s Tax Commissioner Elected Chairperson of WCO
  • Programme Released for Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum 2023
  • Track and Trace Working Group Lays Out Recommendations for FCTC Info Share Point
  • Interview with an ITSA Member – NASPS
  • Upcoming Events

June 2023

  • Argentina Takes Tobacco Evasion by the Horns
  • Cambodia Reveals Tax Stamp Requirements to Vendors
  • Authentix Buys Royal Joh Enschedé
  • OpSec Group Goes Public
  • Déjà Vu in Costa Rica
  • Interview with an ITSA Member – SICPA
  • Canada’s Cannabis Industry Calls for Single Tax Stamp
  • TSTF Programme Latest
  • Raising the Counterfeiting Bar with Double-Exclusive LEP Secure Inks
  • EU MEPs Prepare ‘Arms’ Against Tobacco Lobbyists
  • Upcoming Events

May 2023

  • New Tax Stamps Part of Ukraine’s Plan to Eliminate Shadow Economy
  • How’s the Tax Stamp Forum Shaping Up?
  • News in Brief
  • 20 Years of WHO FCTC – Achievements and Challenges
  • Interview with an ITSA Member – ANY Security Printing
  • One Barcode for Everyone and Everything… Including Authentication?
  • EU MEPs Raise Tobacco Lobbying Concerns… but are Their Voices Going Unheard?
  • Upcoming Events

April 2023

  • Disagreement Reigns Over Role of EU Track and Trace
  • US Tax Foundation
  • Encounters with Counterfeits of Digital Security Features
  • Interview with an ITSA Member – Authentix
  • A Conversation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) about Tax Stamps
  • Upcoming Events

March 2023

  • Lebanon Launches Tobacco Authentication and Traceability Programme
  • One-of-a-Kind Report on Smartphones for Authentication
  • De La Rue Extends Contracts in Nine Countries
  • India Central Excise: Worth Its Weight in Salt
  • Authorities Uncover First Ever Counterfeit Cigarette Factory in France
  • Interview with an ITSA Member – Garsu Pasaulis
  • The Exploding Growth of Free Trade Zones: Challenges and Opportunities – Part 1
  • Upcoming Events

February 2023

  • Luminescence Acquires InData Invisible Barcode Reading Technology
  • Gambia Revenue Authority and SICPA Sign Revenue Agreement
  • Chile Launches Joint Tax/Customs Campaign to Tackle Illicit Cigarettes
  • On The Record with Gerben van Wijk, Luminescence Sun Chemical Security
  • Aligning Secure Marking and Traceability with Other Government
  • Objectives: The WCO SAFE Framework
  • Emerging Technologies – Substrates
  • Time to Think About Topics for Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum
  • Securing Liquor Supply Chains in India: Digital Locks and GPS Tracking
  • Upcoming Events

January 2023

  • The Latest from Latin America
  • Kenya Seeks Increase in Price of Tax Stamps
  • Cannabis In The News
  • Analysing Cigarette Filters to Detect Fakes
  • Tax and Customs Administration: Trends Shaping 2023
  • Implementing Tax Stamp and Production Monitoring in Pakistan – A Perfect Storm?
  • Emerging Technologies – Sustainability
  • China Tobacco Under Investigation for Smuggling
  • Upcoming Events
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