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August 2022

  • Authentix Wins Multiple Contracts in Africa
  • Don’t Forget the Glue!
  • Emerging Technologies – Digital Printing
  • On the Record with Panama General Directorate of Revenue
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Strength Through Randomness
  • Overview of Illicit Seeds – Recent Developments, Traceability and Blockchain
  • Upcoming Events

July 2022

  • Rajasthan to Implement Holographic Liquor Stamps and End-to-End Track and Trace
  • SICPA Morocco Inaugurates Coding Centre
  • The Pakistan Tax Stamp and Track & Trace System – Success or Failure?
  • Using Interoperable Functional Units for Tax Collection and Product Track & Trace
  • Stamping Down on Illicit Alcohol
  • Edible QR Codes Could Protect Against Counterfeit Liquor
  • U-NICA Looks at Tax Stamps and Their Anti-Counterfeit Solutions
  • Upcoming Events

June 2022

  • SICPA’s New Platform for Mobilising Excise Revenue
  • Love Me Tender
  • Compliance and Beyond: Tax Stamps and Marks in High-Speed Production Markets
  • Emerging Technologies – Threats and Opportunities
  • Upcoming Events

May 2022

  • Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum 2022 Malta
  • SICPA to Open Global Campus in ‘Trust Valley’
  • Dow to Provide New EU Common Fuel Marker
  • Overview of Tax Stamps in India
  • TSTF 2022 in Pictures and Quotes
  • Why Legal Cannabis is Losing the War to Illegal Product
  • ISO Tax Stamp Standard: Four Years and Counting
  • Hague Groups Buys PSL Print Management
  • ITSA Appoints New Board and Chairman
  • Upcoming Events

April 2022

  • Bahrain Launches Tax Stamps on Cigarettes
  • Togo Reports Significantly Higher Excise Collections
  • Smartphone Readable Security Features and Insights from Their Application in Other Markets
  • ITSA’s First In-Person Workshop in Three Years Draws Latin American Audience
  • Don’t Miss Cannabis Panel Discussion at Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum
  • Cannabis Tax Stamp Tweaks Proposed in Canada’s 2022 Budget
  • White Paper on Cannabis Data Capture Solutions Hardly Mentions Security Features
  • Upcoming Events

March 2022

  • No Way Back for South Africa’s Legal Tobacco Market?
  • NGOs Advise EU to Eliminate Roles Allocated to Tobacco Industry
  • Heinen Koehl’s Coding Equipment Combines Serialisation and Aggregation in One Unit
  • Pakistan Revenue’s New Mantra: ‘No Production Without Taxation’
  • Cannabis In The News
  • Delhi to Introduce Liquor in Tetra Pak
  • The New Era Postage Stamps Which Perform Like Tax Stamps
  • The Green Gold Mine – Cannabis
  • New Speakers Confirmed for Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum

February 2022

  • Mozambique Enters New Phase of Combating Tax Evasion
  • HP Indigo Secure and Jura Install First Digital Secure Press
  • UK Government Appoints Dentsu Tracking to Provide Tobacco Traceability
  • Authentication & Brand News is Born!
  • Oman is Latest GCC Country to Introduce Tax Stamps for First Time
  • Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum is Taking Shape
  • How Taiwan’s Consumer Reward Scheme Has Increased Government Revenue
  • A Cross-Border Tax Compliance System Based on Digital Stamps
  • Practical Considerations for Implementing Tax Stamp and Traceability Systems
  • Upcoming Events

January 2022

  • Ecuador under Pressure?
  • Pakistan Reports 11% Higher Sugar Tax Revenues
  • Hungary’s ANY Security Printing to buy Romania’s Atlas
  • Economist Webinar Discusses Shift in Illicit Trade in Europe
  • New Family of Optical Features from OpSec Security
  • The Newest Bootleg Liquor – Counterfeit Bourbon
  • Jura Workshops Look to the Future of Security Printing
  • ITSA to Host Seminar for Latin American Tax Authorities
  • Upcoming Events

December 2021

  • Kenya Rolls Out New Generation Tax Stamps
  • Guam Tax Stamp Procurement Fails
  • 2021 – A Year in Review
  • Malta Becomes First European Country to Legalise Cannabis for Personal Use
  • KURZ Talks Tax Stamp Innovation and Motivating Consumers to Buy Tax-Paid
  • New Report Explores Printing Beyond Colour
  • US Cannabis Model – The New Regulatory Frontier for Governments
  • 2021 – A Year in Headlines

November 2021

  • Lebanon Launches Tobacco Stamp and Traceability Programme
  • Pakistan Extends Tax Stamps to Sugar Mills
  • ITSA Calls for EU TPDImprovements
  • News in Brief
  • Latest De La Rue Innovations in Digital Security Printing and Product Traceability
  • Chile’s Tobacco Traceability System: the Latest Numbers
  • OpSec Invests in Europe’s First HP Indigo 6K Secure Digital Press
  • Track and Trace Decisions Adopted in Record Time at FCTC Meeting
  • California’s Growing Illicit Cannabis Problem

October 2021

  • Importance of Tax Stamps Acknowledged at Tobacco Control Summit
  • New Tax Stamp Programmes Announced
  • SA Tax Authority Claims Billions in Tobacco Taxes from Just One Company
  • News in Brief
  • VDS Gains Wider Acceptance on Documents and Objects
  • Cannabis Laws in Latin America
  • Recycling Technology – A Traceability Opportunity?
  • Time to Think About Your Paper for Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum
  • Upcoming Events

September 2021

  • Another Product Traceability System for Russia
  • Tanzania’s Tax Stamp Success
  • News on ITSA: Recognition, Growth and a New Webinar
  • Cannabis In The News
  • Technology, Without Enforcement, is Not Enough
  • SEATCA Urges Southeast Asian Nations to Improve Tobacco Tax Policy
  • UNICRI Report on AntiIllicit Trade Technologies
  • Uttar Pradesh’s Ongoing Fight with Illicit Liquor
  • De La Rue Announces Upgrade to Malta Site
  • Upcoming Events

August 2021

  • Bahrain and Qatar to Start Using Tax Stamps for First Time
  • Pakistan Gets Green Light to Implement Track & Trace
  • Pan-Latin American Analysis: Part II
  • Tax Stamps, Track & Trace, Real-Time Data – Key Ingredients for a Fully Functioning System, Say Global Bodies
  • New Traffic Light Security Ink from GSI
  • Illicit Tobacco Trade ‘Down Under’ Goes Local
  • Malta – Steady Does It 8 Upcoming Events

July 2021

  • Does It Make Sense to Levy Excise Tax on Telecom Services?
  • ZEISER Acquires Track and Trace Technology
  • Illicit Trade in South Africa – An Experiment in Public Health Goes Wrong
  • Draft US Bill Released to Legalise Cannabis at Federal Level
  • Pan-Latin American Analysis: Part I
  • Counterfeit Cigarettes Might be Making a Comeback
  • Award for SICPA’s Latest Handheld Detection Solution
  • OpSec SmartCheck: Validating Holograms with the Ease of a Smartphone
  • Upcoming Events

June 2021

  • The Challenges of Economic Informality During COVID-19 
  • Mali Delegation Draws on Burkina Faso’s Tobacco Tracing Experience
  • Cigarettes Flagged as Illicit by Cloned ID Number, Not by Security Label
  • Pakistan Wins Tobacco Control Award – But There are Gaps in the Picture
  • Uganda Tax Stamp Programme Smashes Performance Targets
  • New Tenders Emphasise Need for Traceability on Multiple Products
  • ODDS Conference – Call for Papers
  • Upcoming Events

May 2021

  • YPB Group Launches ‘World’s First Smartphone-Readable Tracers’
  • CCL Design Partners with iTRACE Technologies
  • ITSA Appoints New Board and Prepares New Round of Webinars
  • Wholesaler Sues Tax Agency for NOT Issuing Stamps
  • Benin’s Booming Illicit Fuel Trade Calls for New Responses
  • Illicit Tobacco Trade in Europe Goes Local
  • The Global Use of Tax Stamps – Asia and Australasia
  • Key Questions Raised at Tax Stamp Webinar
  • Upcoming Events

April 2021

  • Ontario Issues RFI for Tracking Raw Leaf Tobacco
  • Pakistan Finalises Major Track and Trace Agreement… Only to Have it Stayed in Court
  • Concerns with Tender Requirements
  • De La Rue Welcomes Over 50 Tax Authorities to Inaugural Excise Tax Protection Course
  • Product Traceability and Authentication Systems: A Technology Review
  • Latest Tax Stamp and Traceability Developments in Nepal
  • SICPA Partners with Rhizo Verified for Hemp Authentication
  • Is Excise Tax on Soft Drinks a Good Substitute for Income Tax?
  • Georgia Opens Invitation for Expression of Interest
  • Upcoming Events

March 2021

  • Uganda Extends Tax Stamps to Cement and Sugar
  • Philippines to Remove Tax Stamp Exemption on Exports
  • OCCRP Warns of Industry Involvement in West African Cigarette Smuggling
  • The Cannabis Black Market in Canada
  • Costa Rica Takes Bold Step to Protect Citizens Against Illegal Alcohol
  • Confusion Reigns Over Difference Between Authentication Labels and Tax Stamps
  • Webinar on Non- Cloneable Codes Raises Contentious Questions
  • Punjab Adopts New Measures
  • De La Rue’s Smartphone Authentication App for Holograms Leverages Power of Visual-AI

February 2021

  • UCT Tobacco Taxation E-Library a World First
  • OneAgrix Announces Partnership with INEXTO
  • Trinidad and Tobago Clamps Down on Illicit Trade
  • FII Institute Prepares to Combat Counterfeit and Illicit Trade in Africa
  • What does the Future Hold for Traceability in Europe?
  • Drivers for Smart Packaging
  • Tobacco Track and Trace in Pakistan
  • Kenya Revenue Authority Hits Targets
  • The Global Use of Tax Stamps – Middle East
  • Upcoming Events

Free Issue

January 2021

  • Liberia Begins Month-Long Workshop on Tax Stamp Implementation
  • Cannabis Global Integrates Metrc API into Transport System
  • Authenticating Whisky Without Touching a Drop
  • New Study Examines Evolving Challenges Posed by Counterfeit and Illicit Trade
  • A Post-COVID Vision
  • Delhi Releases High-Security Liquor Labels for Track and Trace
  • The Global Use of Tax Stamps – Africa
  • Events

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