Charter Subscribers

We are very grateful for the support of our Charter subscribers and details of each organisation can be found below. If you wish to become a Charter subscriber, or for more information, please contact us at

HP Indigo Secure

HP Indigo Secure pioneered digital printing, unveiling the world's first digital printing press in 1993. It triggered a revolution by eliminating the plates and setup needed for offset printing while opening new possibilities for businesses, brands and customers in commercial printing, labels and packaging, photo products, and publishing.
Digital Security Powered by HP Indigo Secure - HP Indigo Secure offers a vast portfolio of unique features for different security levels and segments leveraging Indigo's outstanding digital print quality and versatility. In collaboration with various leading security service partners, HP Indigo Secure offers end-to-end solutions with reduced human error, minimum waste, a small footprint and a low total cost of ownership.
Tax Stamp with The Digital Protection The all-digital Tax-Stamp press solutions offer Covert, Overt and Forensic security elements on-press in ONE-PASS with the highest quality and integrity. By combining the power of variable data, serialization, 7 spot colors including unique security inks, HP Indigo Secure provides differentiated security protection while offering full design freedom over short and long runs.

Luminescence Sun Chemical Security

Formed in 1987, Luminescence manufactures high quality, custom-made security inks for value documents that are extremely difficult to recreate or replicate either by criminals or competitors. Now part of the Sun Chemical/DIC group of companies, we are a producer of inks used to print billions of documents and products globally each year and we offer the very latest in security ink technological development. LUMINESCENCE manufactures security inks suitable for offset, intaglio, flexo, gravure, screen, numbering and inkjet processes. Most of our inks are custom-made to meet the customer’s exact technical requirements and preferred drying process. Our philosophy of supply gives our customers the highest levels of innovation, security, discretion and confidentiality. “Inspiring confidence” is in everything we do.

Madras Security Printers

Madras Security Printers is a security printer and smart card manufacturer in India specialising in high tech security printing of tax stamps for tobacco, wines and spirits. Our products include revenue stamps, license stickers, permits, security printed paper, passports & ePassports, visa stickers, postage stamps, postal stationery, ID cards, driving licenses, MICR and non MICR security forms and smart cards. Our track and trace solution CONFIRMA® is able to provide tracking software for all of your products, with in-house training available. Madras Security Printers is fully equipped with advanced facilities meeting global standards and has been inspiring the trust of customers for three decades.


Leading global provider of security ink and solutions for the authentication of banknotes, value documents and products.

Its traceability solution SCIPATRACE, designed to assist Governments in their sovereign misson to enhance tax revenue, now secures over 70 billion products per year worldwide generating 40 billion dollars of tax revenues over products such as tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks and pharmaceutical products.