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Call for Papers for TSTF

The deadline for submitting a 200-word abstract on your proposed topic or case study is 28 January 2022.

Events - January 18, 2022 midnight

Ecuador Under Pressure?

In the August 2021 issue of Tax Stamp & Traceability News™, we covered some rather controversial changes that Ecuador’s tax authority, Servicio de Rentas Internas (SRI) had pushed through back in April in the form of Resolution NACDGERCGC21-00000019.

Country Profiles - January 18, 2022 midnight

Pakistan Reports 11% Higher Sugar Tax Revenues

Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has reported 11% higher tax revenues from the sugar sector, following the expansion of its tax stamp and track and trace system in November last year (the system was initially launched on domestically produced tobacco products earlier in 2021).

New Programmes - January 18, 2022 midnight

The Newest Bootleg Liquor – Counterfeit Bourbon

If you rang in the New Year with that hard-to-find bottle of bourbon you had been hunting down in off-the-beaten-path stores or through a private social media collectors’ group, you might have been getting more than you bargained for… you might have gotten counterfeit.

Alcohol-Beverages - January 18, 2022 midnight

Economist Webinar Discusses Shift in Illicit Trade in Europe

In December last year, Economist Impact, part of the Economist Group, convened a roundtable titled ‘Continental shift: tackling illicit trade in Europe’ to discuss the fundamental changes illicit trade has undergone in Europe and to provide insights into how governments, service providers and industry need to address the issue.

Illicit Trade - January 18, 2022 midnight

Jura Workshops Look to the Future of Security Printing

Jura Security Printing recently held a series of practical workshops in Budapest, Hungary to discuss the future of security printing. This was one of the first events in the last year or so that customers and suppliers had physically travelled to in order to meet up in person, so it was filled with plenty of energy and enthusiasm.

Events - January 18, 2022 midnight

ITSA to Host Seminar for Latin American Tax Authorities

The International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA) is inviting regional government authorities to a pre-conference seminar to discuss best practices and lessons learned in the tracking and tracing of excise products, especially tobacco and alcohol.

Free - January 13, 2022 midnight

Kenya Rolls Out New Generation Tax Stamps

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has rolled out a new generation of serialised tax stamps for excisable goods as part of its strategy to continuously review and improve the security features of the stamps.

Country Profiles - December 20, 2021 midnight

Guam Tax Stamp Procurement Fails

The procurement of cigarette tax stamps for the US island territory of Guam has gone back to square one, as only one bid was received for supplying the stamps, and that bid was rejected for not meeting all the requirements, advised Marie Lizama, Deputy Director at the Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT).

Country Profiles - December 20, 2021 midnight

2021 – A Year in Review

No review of 2021 would be complete without mention of the COVID-19 pandemic and the dramatic effect it has had on almost everything – including illicit trade.

Editorials - December 20, 2021 midnight

New Report Explores Printing Beyond Colour

Many technologies and features with their roots in commercial printing have made, and continue to make, a substantial contribution to secure document production. However, these technologies have for the most part been concerned with producing visual colours, perceived by the unaided eye as conventional colour printing.

Reports - December 17, 2021 midnight

Chile’s Tobacco Traceability System: the Latest Numbers

In 2011, Chile began seriously considering implementing a tax stamp and traceability programme, when Michel Jorratt, a member of the Chilean tax authority, Servicio de Impuestos Internos (SII), published a study estimating that over $500 million were being evaded yearly in cigarette tax in Chile.

Free - November 30, 2021 midnight