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Emerging Technologies – Sustainability

This short series on emerging technologies has covered a number of topics over previous months. It seems fitting as we commence 2023 to now consider the topic of sustainability, a ‘trending’ theme through recent years but one that I see having an increasing impact on our market sector.

Free - January 27, 2023 midnight

The Latest from Latin America

There is a tremendous amount of activity afoot in Latin America, be it with new governments promising amazing changes amidst the reality of high inflation and worldwide economic instability, or simply because it’s time for existing governments to get back to work after the first real holiday season post-COVID.

Country Profiles - January 27, 2023 midnight

Cannabis In The News

Metrc, one of the two leading providers of technology systems for the regulation of cannabis in the United States, has announced the launch of its sustainable radio frequency identification (RFID) plant tags, designed to reduce waste while maintaining durability and RFID efficiency.

Cannabis - January 27, 2023 midnight

Analysing Cigarette Filters to Detect Fakes

A team from the Institute of Forensic Science and Criminology at Panjab University, India, claims to have conducted the first study of its kind to analyse cigarette filters using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy in combination with statistical models.

Tobacco - January 27, 2023 midnight

China Tobacco Under Investigation for Smuggling

Romanian authorities are investigating China Tobacco’s main factory in Europe, outside Bucharest, in connection with the possible smuggling of large quantities of cigarettes, reports

Tobacco - January 27, 2023 midnight

Kenya Seeks Increase in Price of Tax Stamps

Kenyans could soon pay more for alcohol, cigarettes, juice and cosmetic products as the Kenya Revenue Authority seeks to increase the price of excise tax stamps (which are used on all of these product groups), as part of its measures to increase revenue collection.

Country Profiles - January 27, 2023 midnight

2022 – A Year in Review

Looking back over the year that was, a few key developments spring to mind including: new programmes, illicit tobacco soaring, emerging technologies, the ISO tax stamp standard coming of age, and a ground-breaking study spotlighting track and trace breakeven cost.

Free - December 23, 2022 midnight

SICPA Receives Best Swiss Company Award

SICPA, which is headquartered in the Swiss canton of Vaud and is a leading supplier of tax stamp and government revenue solutions, has received an award for Best Swiss Company.

Organisations - December 23, 2022 midnight

Authentix Announces New Appointments

Authentix has announced that Tim Driscoll has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer, and advised the appointment of Chad Crouch as Senior Vice President, Revenue Operations and a member of the executive leadership team.

Organisations - December 23, 2022 midnight

Emerging Technologies – Warehouse Automation

In this series on emerging technologies, it has been notable how many of these technologies featured strongly at TSTF 2022. In this respect, however, warehouse automation is an interesting exception in that it hardly featured at that meeting.

Technology - December 23, 2022 midnight

2022 – A Year in Headlines

A review of this year's headlines.
Ecuador under pressure? Pakistan reports 11% higher sugar tax revenues; Hungary’s ANY Security Printing to buy Romania’s Atlas; Economist Impact webinar discusses shift in illicit trade in Europe; new family of optical features from OpSec Security; the newest bootleg liquor is counterfeit bourbon; Jura workshops look to the future of security printing, including advancements in digital security printing.

Events - December 23, 2022 midnight

ITSA Launches ISO 22382 Review

The international standard ISO 22382:2018, which was published in October 2018 as a guidance for tax stamp issuers on best practice in the design, sourcing, issuance, and monitoring of tax stamps, is due for review in 2023.

Free - December 1, 2022 midnight

Ethiopia Launches Tax Stamp Expression of Interest

Ethiopia is looking to introduce tax stamps and track and trace for the first time, with the Ministry of Finance issuing a request for expression of interest to provide a technology solution for an excise stamp and track and trace system.

Tenders - December 1, 2022 midnight

Micro-Transponders for Tax Stamps?

While the principal method of applying unique identifiers and other variable information to a tax or authentication label is via digital printing, some labels carry that information in a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag.

Technology - December 1, 2022 midnight

Cannabis in India – An Overview

Globally, revenue authorities are broadening their range of excisable goods to widen the tax base and generate more tax revenues.

Country Profiles - December 1, 2022 midnight