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Rajasthan to Implement Holographic Liquor Stamps and End-to-End Track and Trace

The Indian state of Rajasthan is implementing holographic tax stamps and an end-to-end traceability system on liquor products, to allow the state excise department to track and trace each bottle and case of liquor.

SICPA Morocco Inaugurates Coding Centre

On 1 June, SICPA Morocco inaugurated its new regional coding centre for ...

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Using Interoperable Functional Units for Tax Co...

Although excise tax management systems and tobacco control programmes have different goals, there is a poin...

Edible QR Codes Could Protect Against Counterfeit Liquor

Counterfeit liquor, which for years has been a problem for connoisseurs ...

U-NICA Looks at Tax Stamps and Their Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

The tax stamp started life as a piece of paper that was almost the same ...

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The Pakistan Tax Stamp and Track & Trace System – Success or Failure?

Every government needs revenue to run the affairs of its country in the best possible manner. Tax evasion and leakages work like a parasite feeding off the overall wellbeing of citizens, which is why every government seeks to plug those leakages, and thus recover lost revenues.

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