Webinar Delves into New Tax Stamp & Traceability Review

Reconnaissance International recently held a one-hour webinar to present its new review 'Tax Stamps & Traceability: A Market Analysis and Technical Update' to over 200 registrants.

The co-editor of the review, Nicola Sudan, was joined by its two main contributors: Michael Eads of Sovereign Border Solutions, and Richard Jotcham of Axess Technologies.

Together, the three presenters took the audience through each chapter of the review, covering everything from the drivers behind the growth and evolution in excise tax stamps, to practical considerations for implementing tax stamp and traceability systems, to existing and new technologies for producing, securing and serialising tax stamps, to current tax stamp and traceability applications across the globe.

The presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session, including questions such as:

  • Why do we still need to use physical stamps? Aren’t digital marks good enough?

  • In regional unions such as the Southern African Customs Union, where excise revenues are shared collectively between all member states, would it not be an ideal approach to have a regional system for track and trace that covers alcohol and tobacco products?

  • How can digital markings be made tamper-evident?

  • How effective is blockchain as a component of a comprehensive tax stamp and track and trace system?

  • What is the best way for solution providers to approach government issuers of tax stamps if they want to propose their technology?

  • What are the most popular security features used by inspectors to verify tax stamps?

  • What's your opinion on smartphone as a mass verification tool for tax stamp applications, rather than specific devices reserved to limited number of inspectors?

All those who attended the webinar are eligible to purchase a printed copy of the review for just £900 (instead of £1,350), or a printed copy plus PDF for a combined price of £1,350 (instead of £2,025).

In addition, Richard Jotcham – who was the researcher and writer for the technologies section of the report – is offering free online consultancy to all those who purchase the review – whether you attended the webinar or not. Richard can be reached at rjotcham@axesstechnologies.com.

The special purchase price is valid for a limited time only so please visit estore.reconnaissance.net to order your copy, making sure you type in TSRWEBINAR when prompted for a discount coupon code in the ‘Cart’ page, followed by ‘Apply Coupon’. Remember that to use the Reconnaissance e-store you first need to be registered on the store, which you can do here.

All government authorities have free-of-charge access to the review, in PDF viewer format. Just click on this link, which will take you to the subscriptions page. Then click on the ‘Request Access’ button under the ‘Government’ column.

And for all those who missed the webinar, no problem! You can watch the entire recorded event below and download the presentation through this link.